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NFI Connect™.

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Building and modernizing your fleet?
NFI Connect™ is ready for you.

NFI Connect™ is an exclusive, advanced telematics solution that gives you real-time oversight of your entire fleet, improving bus uptime and safety, and lowering costs.

Why NFI Connect™?

  • Flexible Deployment

    Easy to deploy, compatible with multiple vehicle platforms and requires minimal IT infrastructure.

  • Stronger Performance

    Improve your training strategies with insightful reports that show opportunities for improved driver performance.

  • Secure

    Protected and monitored by state-of-the-art cyber security technology.

  • Always Up to Date

    Each vehicle has the latest software versions with secure over-the-air updates.

  • Saves Fuel

    NFI Connect™ finds fuel savings and energy effciencies by identifying smart routes.

  • Solves Problems

    Our built-in on-board smart technology communicates real-time GPS and analytic data to ensure optimal bus performance and safety.

  • Saves Time

    NFI Connect™ gives you smarter oversight of your whole operation, ultimately improving bus uptime.

What’s new?

NFI Connect™ is better than ever – newly enhanced, easy to use, and now works with nearly any vehicle in your fleet.

  • Now available on all NFI vehicles from New Flyer, Alexander Dennis, ARBOC and MCI.

  • Enhanced geographically triggered features such as zero- and low-emission zones, and automatic riding height adjustments.

  • Expanded memory and data capacity for enhanced reporting and troubleshooting capabilities.

  • 5G-ready

    Stronger cellular performance compatible with both 4G and 5G cellular networks.

Powerful management tool.

NFI Connect™ monitors all critical vehicle on-board systems and data, while recording GPS location for real-time monitoring and two-way communication with buses and coaches.

  • Built-in Smart Technology

    Our on-board technology communicates real-time GPS and analytic data to ensure optimal bus and coach performance and safety.

  • Remote Access + real-time alerts

    No matter your location or device, the entire suite of information is accessible – with real-time event notifications sent as issues arise.


  • Data reports are only important when the information they contain matters to you. We can adapt them to meet your specific goals and needs.

  • Breakdown Prevention

    Knowing about a problem before it becomes a breakdown is key to successful fleet management.

  • Our Active Centre Support team monitors your fleet and regularly sends interactive reports about the overall performance of your fleet.

From Our Customers.

I use all of the resources here (drivers, New Flyer Connect®, technicians). If something is reported, I determine the severity and whether or not to take the bus out of service. Your support is great because it’s not always that a driver sees a malfunction or trouble light come on. At times they come on and go right back off.

– Fleet Maintenance Manager


What vehicles can the system be installed on? +

The system is compatible with a variety of vehicles and can be easily retrofitted into different transit buses, highway coaches, para-transit and even can support your SUVs and cars.

Can we change the communication interval of the units to get the location in high resolution? +

The location interval can be changed according to the customer needs based upon time or distance.

Is it possible to define high and low threshold sensor values and get an alert when these thresholds are crossed? +

The system allows you to define a range of different sensor-related events and notifications can be sent to the relevant personnel via email.

Is it possible to install a G-sensor on an old vehicle? +

The G-sensor is embedded in the NFI Connect MBU unit and is always available.

What kind of extra resources would we have to hire to support NFI Connect™? +

With the support and training from the NFI Connect team, you should not need to hire additional personnel to support the system. NFI Connect­™ is designed to be operated by the end users and provide automatic alerts to required personnel.

Can we replay the route of the vehicle on the map? +

You can replay the vehicle route on the map. The route will include the speed and location of the vehicle at all times, as well as events that occurred on-route.

Can we create an alert if a vehicle leaves a geographic area during a specific time, such as during a weekend? +

You can generate alerts when vehicles leave any predefined area during any predefined schedule. These alerts can also indicate other actions, such as starting the engine inside or outside of these areas.

Can we get fuel information such as consumption and fuel level in the tank? +

The fuel consumption is available for all vehicles operated by transit agencies. Fuel level is available for all vehicles equipped with fuel level sensors.

Is it possible to get an alert if the vehicle is operated in an inefficient way? +

NFI Connect can send a notification when the vehicle is performing in an inefficient way based on driving maneuvers or operating conditions.

What kind of IT infrastructure is required to support NFI Connect™? +

In order to use the system, all you need from your IT team is a computer with any internet browser and an internet connection to the NFI Connect® website.

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Have confidence in your electric bus fleet performance.

Connect 360™ is a customizable performance dashboard that provides smart analytic reporting to expand insight and intelligence for managing your zero-emission buses and coaches.

It provides an easy-to-read visual report for battery-electric vehicle and operator performance, allowing you to better understand this new technology to maximize efficiency, reliability and sustainability, and seamlessly transition to a high-performing zero-emission fleet.

Key Analytics.

Real-time performance statistics are displayed in easy-to-read graphs and measurements. This helps you optimize your zero-emission bus and coach fleet – from drivers and passengers, to maintenance and scheduling teams.

  • kWh/mile

    Energy consumption

  • Range achieved and remaining

  • Battery state-of-charge

  • GPS

    Location and average speeds

  • Regenerative braking

  • Range.

    Range estimation values.

  • HVAC consumption/mile


Connect 360™ is included on every NFI zero-emission vehicle and analytics can be retrieved 24/7 via laptop or mobile device.

  • Additional range capability with improved driver performance.

  • Decision-making information to optimize charging strategies.

  • Intelligence on how to preserve battery energy throughout the day.

  • Reduced operating cost and maximum fleet utilization.

Key analytics for Connect 360™ were developed through NFI’s Vehicle Innovation Center, North America’s first innovation lab dedicated to the exploration and advancement of bus and coach technology. To date, Connect 360™ remains the only reporting technology of its kind for battery-electric buses and coaches in North America.