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Long-range electric bus arrives in Montréal

Published by Société de transport de Montréal

The STM received at the Stinson bus garage the first of its 30 new long-range electric buses, manufactured by New Flyer. Another step towards the electrification of the surface network!

Montréal, November 11, 2019 − The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) is proud and excited to receive the first of its 30 new long-range (slow-charging) electric buses, manufactured by New Flyer, at the Stinson bus garage. The arrival of this first-series bus, which will be instrumented and tested on the city’s streets in the coming months, enables the STM to take another step forward in its shift toward electrification. Subsequently, the remaining 29 buses will be gradually delivered starting in June 2020.

“The STM’s goal is to acquire only electric buses by 2025 and our shift is well underway. In 2020, 38 vehicles of various types and using different charging modes will be put into service and added to our three fast-charging buses operated under the City Mobility project. Our shift toward electrification is therefore very concrete,” stated Luc Tremblay, STM Chief Executive Officer.

Essential preparation
Over the next few weeks, the bus will be equipped with various technological devices that will allow real-time monitoring and analysis of the performance of several key vehicle parameters, such as power consumption, battery charging level, deployed power, acceleration profiles, traction and braking in snow, slope capability and operation of the various systems (iBus, access ramp, heating, ventilation, etc.). Customers and those curious may therefore see the bus circulate and sometimes even enter a regular circuit to help characterize the various STM routes, including stops and door openings and closures. However, it will not be possible to board the bus during the first test phases, when sandbags will be used to simulate different load levels on board.

This test period is a key step in validating the bus’s compliance with specifications and ensuring the harmonious integration of this new bus type in our network, as the Montréal service provider’s teams will have the chance to train on this vehicle and familiarize themselves with it, while ensuring a satisfactory performance level upstream of the entire order delivery process.

Vehicle characteristics

  • Air conditioned and offering two wheelchair spaces
  • 440-kWh Li-NMC batteries for a range of approximately 250 km, which is appropriate for the reality of the STM network
  • Roof rails allowing for conductive charging through inverted pantographs installed at the bus garage
  • Recharging also possible using a terminal and standard nozzle for electric road vehicles
  • Maintenance and recharging at the Stinson bus garage

Discover this bus during our “Open House” day
Exceptionally, the general public will have the opportunity to visit the Legendre bus garage on Saturday, November 23, from noon to 5:00 p.m., as part of an “Open House” day marking the 100th anniversary of the Montréal bus network. In addition to getting to learn more about the activities taking place in a bus garage, participants will be able to board the new bus and discover all its features, while our experts will be on hand to answer their questions. It’s an occasion not to be missed!

Working with the STL
It should be noted that the acquisition of these 30 long-range electric buses is taking place in collaboration with the Société de transport de Laval (STL), which acquired 10 buses of the same type in a joint tender. Teams from both service providers continue to work together on trials conducted on their respective first-series buses.

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