Xcelsior®, Better by Design

Since its introduction in 2008, we have built or have on order more than 4400 Xcelsior® buses – in 35’, 40’ and 60’ lengths and with a variety of propulsion systems, and 100% of our production time building heavy-duty buses is now spent on building Xcelsior® buses.

Our objectives were to deliver life-cycle savings and improve the experience for passengers and drivers - and we’ve done just that. With better fuel economy, lighter weight, disc brakes and the industry’s first LED headlights combined with New Flyer’s legendary product reliability and the industry’s most comprehensive aftermarket parts and services, Xcelsior® can give you the Best Bus Value and Support for Life.

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Lifecycle Cost Savings

Fuel Economy
Xcelsior® has shown an improvement in fuel economy of up to 10%. This is a direct result of the reduced vehicle weight: Xcelsior® weighs 10% less than other comparable buses and also had the lowest curb weight at Altoona among similar buses.

In addition, with the implementation of the New Flyer Connect™ telematics solution, additional fuel savings of up to 11% on average* can be achieved by continuously improving driver performance, fostering efficient driving skills, monitoring of subcomponents performance and control of idle times.

Disc Brakes
Transitioning to disc brakes saves approximately $13,000 over the life of the bus. Disc brakes are easier and less expensive to maintain and service.
We anticipate tires on Xcelsior® buses to last longer due to the reduction in weight and better weight distribution.  A 5% reduction in weight can result in a 2% increase in tire mileage which means fewer operating dollars spent on replacement.

New Flyer LED headlights have a six-year warranty and were designed to last 12 years.

The New Flyer Connect™ telematics system can enable you to achieve maintenance cost savings of up to 26% on average** through improved subsystem diagnostics, proactive maintenance opportunities, reduced wear costs, and improved support from OEM and subsystems suppliers.

* based on case studies conducted on buses in Europe and the UK by New Flyer’s technology partner.
** based on case studies conducted on light and heavy trucks in Europe and the UK by New Flyer’s technology partner.