Have confidence in your electric bus fleet performance.

Connect 360® is a customizable performance dashboard that provides smart analytic reporting to expand insight and intelligence for managing your zero-emission buses and coaches.

It provides an easy-to-read visual report for battery-electric vehicle and operator performance, allowing you to better understand this new technology to maximize efficiency, reliability and sustainability, and seamlessly transition to a high-performing zero-emission fleet.

Key Analytics.

Real-time performance statistics are displayed in easy-to-read graphs and measurements. This helps you optimize your zero-emission bus and coach fleet – from drivers and passengers, to maintenance and scheduling teams.

  • kWh/mile

    Energy consumption

  • Range achieved and remaining

  • Battery state-of-charge

  • GPS

    Location and average speeds

  • Regenerative braking

  • Range.

    Range estimation values.

  • HVAC consumption/mile


Connect 360® is included on every NFI zero-emission vehicle and analytics can be retrieved 24/7 via laptop or mobile device.

  • Additional range capability with improved driver performance.

  • Decision-making information to optimize charging strategies.

  • Intelligence on how to preserve battery energy throughout the day.

  • Reduced operating cost and maximum fleet utilization.

Key analytics for Connect 360® were developed through NFI’s Vehicle Innovation Center, North America’s first innovation lab dedicated to the exploration and advancement of bus and coach technology. To date, Connect 360® remains the only reporting technology of its kind for battery-electric buses and coaches in North America.