Xcelsior® is available in multiple lengths and with a variety of propulsion systems. The primary design objectives were to deliver life-cycle savings and to improve the experience for passengers, drivers and mechanics.

Features include:
  • 35-foot, 40-foot and 60-foot lengths
  • Clean-diesel, compressed natural gas (CNG), diesel-electric hybrid, electric trolley and battery-electric configurations
  • Lowest curb weight among similar buses tested
  • Better fuel economy, standard disc brakes and the industry's first LED headlights
  • Greatest passenger capacity of similarly-configured vehicles
  • Lowest entrance step-height of any transit bus

Built to Rely On
  • Styling
  • Fuel Efficient
  • Quiet
  • Driver Experience
  • Accessibility
  • Passenger Experience
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • BRT
Fuel Efficient

Xcelsior Has the Look

Xcelsior provides a modern BRT look without additional weight and cost:

  • Front mask incorporates styled bumpers and contoured headlights
  • A standard integrated roofline conceals electrical and HVAC systems
  • Integrated, long-lasting LED headlights supported by a six-year warranty
  • Large windows improve passenger visibility
  • No visible exterior fasteners
  • Functional yet subtle access doors
Fuel Efficient

Savings Each and Every Mile

Xcelsior was designed with a strong focus upon reducing weight throughout the vehicle, thus improving overall fuel economy:

  • Structure optimization reduced the weight of Xcelsior by 8%, while maintaining the famous rugged durability of New Flyer buses
  • Suspension optimization and a new lightweight, single-reduction axle
  • A lightweight composite material was used in the passenger flooring and other locations throughout the vehicle
  • Implementing the option of New Flyer ConnectTM telematic solutions can achieve an additional fuel savings of up to 11% on average.

Quieter in Operation

Xcelsior is engineered to be quieter than other transit models, providing a more pleasant experience to all:

  • Single-reduction rear axle eliminates gear noise
  • Roof-mount air conditioning locates noise away from curbs and pedestrians
  • Improved acoustic insulation improves interior noise attenuation
  • Improved layout of components within the engine compartment decreases exterior noise
  • Isolation of noise-producing equipment reduces transfer through the welded steel structure

An Office That's Enjoyable to Drive

Your drivers play a key role in passenger satisfaction, so we improved their workspace. Xcelsior is designed to utilize new technologies that deliver a superior experience for the bus operator:

  • Electronic dash contains LCD screen displays, bar-graph gauges and up to 31 tell-tales
  • A recessed overhead panel allows easy access to controls and instrumentation
  • Single-lever steering column provides tilt and telescoping action.
  • A windshield area of 24 square-feet provides a vertical viewing range of over 45 degrees
  • Optional driver's barriers and amenities are available to ensure comfort and safety

Customer Boarding Made Easy

Xcelsior has better accessibility:

  • Lowest entrance step-height of any heavy-duty transit bus (14 inches) and the ability to kneel to a step height of 10 inches
  • A proprietary New Flyer ramp, with an industry-leading 1:7 slope ratio
  • A front door opening widened by two inches and increased space in the entryway
  • Five door configurations, with curb-side and street-side boarding available for 60-foot vehicles

The New Transit Experience

Xcelsior provides significant improvements to the passenger experience:

  • Improved ride quality with enhanced suspension and reduced un-sprung weight
  • Narrower window posts providing greater outward visibility
  • Improved interior lighting with a more powerful and diffused LED system
  • Increased headroom by three inches on the rear mezzanine area
  • Proprietary passenger assist system with no visible castings
  • Upgraded glass roof hatches allowing more natural daylight
  • Increased forward-facing seating from 27 to 31 seats
  • Increased seating capacity in a 40-foot bus to 40 seats (depending on the exit door selected) with barriers in front of forward transverse seats for maximum passenger safety

Reduced Operating Costs

Xcelsior was designed to maximize accessibility to the engine and electrical components, reducing time spent on maintenance:

  • Easy access to engine, turbocharger and auxiliary heater
  • Low-maintenance all-wheel disc brakes
  • Removable fiberglass exterior panels
  • Long-lasting LED headlights (supported by a six-year warranty)
  • Separate battery compartment
  • Hinged upper-rear service doors for access to EPA 2010 exhaust and air-intake components
  • Removable rear corner pillars
  • Swing-out engine belt-guard

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

New Flyer bus rapid transit is a stylized 60-foot Xcelsior that can be customized to your BRT needs. Options available include:

  • Full roof skirts/fairings
  • Center and rear wheel coverings
  • Flush windows
  • Bridge plates or platform loading
  • Wide exterior doors for increased headway time
  • Rear door fare collection and fare card readers
  • Interior bike racks