The NFI Group is a world-leading independent bus and motor coach manufacturer, service, and parts provider. We have an industry leading support network made up of experienced and knowledgeable professionals, well-stocked distribution centers, and all the top brands in the industry from the leading parts OEMs.

NFI Parts is North America’s most comprehensive parts organization, providing parts, technical publications, training, support for its OEM product lines (transit buses, motor coaches and cutaways), as well as other manufacturers through our extensive cross reference database.

NFI Parts represents the OEM product lines of New Flyer, MCI, ARBOC, NABI and Orion. NFI Parts brings together over 90 years of parts experience and now supports a combined fleet of more than 75,000 active transit buses, motor coaches and cutaway vehicles. NFI Parts serves over 5,000 customers annually, with long term relationships with over 17,000 customers from 9 parts distribution centers.

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Parts Distribution Centers

NFI Parts® has strategically located Parts Distribution Centers with 700,000 square feet of warehouse space. Our distribution strategy allows us to efficiently serve all of our customers, reduce delivery times, and support Supply Chain Solutions.


Brampton, ON

Our Parts Distribution Center in Brampton, ON, Canada, officially opened its doors in October of 2011 as New Flyer Parts fourth distribution center.

Delaware, OH

The Aftermarket Parts Company headquarters and Delaware Distribution Center is located in Delaware, OH, USA.

Fresno, CA

Our Parts Distribution Center in Fresno, CA, USA, officially opened in May of 2009.

Winnipeg, MB

Our Parts Distribution Center located in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

Louisville, KY

Parts Distribution Center located in Louisville, Kentucky

As an authorized distributor for various original equipment manufacturers (OEM), we offer parts and products at competitive prices for all makes and models in the transit industry. Using our industry-wide competitor and supplier cross reference database, we will help our customers to find the right part for the right application. Our database continues to grow rapidly, and new information is gathered on a daily basis. New cross references are checked and verified by our team of analysts and technical support staff to ensure accuracy of data, and source of supply.

Working with New Flyer, you gain the advantage of our experience and leverage as an OEM supplier:

  • OEM engineering support
  • Specialized team of inventory planning professionals
  • Industry-leading distribution network
  • Widest assortment of OEM parts for the transit industry
  • Kinetik™ and legacy MCI Coach Guard® products as a cost-effective alternative
  • Technical recommendations

Supply Chain Solutions

We offer a variety of solutions that can help to eliminate costly steps in the parts purchasing and inventory management process. Our dedicated team of specialists will work with you to customize a solution that meets all your needs.

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Custom Kits

We will work with you to develop an all-inclusive custom kit to allow for easier bus maintenance. The kits will streamline your ordering process and are a cost-effective alternative for any bus application.

Coach-Down Response

Our experienced professionals are always ready to help and will ensure that your replacement parts are received quickly. Customers can request replacement parts by simply contacting one of our representatives and we will work with you to get your bus back on the road as soon as possible.

Mid-Life Overhauls

Mid-life overhaul programs are a great way to improve bus reliability, reduce unscheduled repairs, and ensure safe operations for passengers. Our team of experts will work together with our customers to build the work scope required during the overhaul.

Transit Information Viewer

Every Xcelsior® bus manual set includes a Transit Information Viewer (TIV) of all your Xcelsior manuals on DVD or USB with a customized home page. With TIV users can:

  • Navigate easily using industry-standard terms
  • Conduct high-speed searches for part numbers or text
  • Enlarge illustrations to view smaller details
  • View two pages at once in split-screen mode
  • Print any page or range of pages