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New Flyer launches its Community Benefits Framework in partnership with the Transportation Diversity Council

Pioneering CBF augments workforce development, recruitment, training and retention initiatives to strengthen its mission to grow a diverse workforce.New Flyer of America Inc. (New Flyer), a subsidiary of NFI Group Inc., has partnered with the Transportation Diversity Council (TDC), to launch its Community Benefits Framework (CBF). The CBF will complement local agreements that New Flyer establishes with transit agencies and community partners across America, and is the foundation that will govern, create and implement robust programming at all New Flyer facilities.

The CBF, prefaced in January 2020 during New Flyer’s announcement of an expanded partnership with TDC that began in 2017, is a mechanism for accountability and enforcement that magnifies existing approaches to support workforce development, while enhancing the hiring of underserved and underrepresented individuals.

More specifically, the CBF includes New Flyer’s approach to support its workforce and community, establishment of the Employee Engagement Committee, effective management of a safe and respectful workplace, execution of leading environmental health and safety practices, commitments to disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE), and industry advocacy and support for workforce development and inclusion.

“New Flyer remains committed to ongoing career development for people of all walks of life, including veterans, women, people of color, people with differing abilities, and underrepresented and underserved individuals in the field of advanced manufacturing,” said Chris Stoddart, President, New Flyer. “We delivered nearly 140,000 hours of training to our team in 2019 – but training alone is not enough. We recognized a more holistic approach was needed to support the well-being of our team and communities, and appreciate the greater compliance, accountability, and action that comes from our CBF. We are proud of this work, and our partnership with TDC.”

With the launch of the CBF, New Flyer expands its existing workforce diversity and workforce development model, with the CBF directing and supporting local initiatives that benefit people and communities. While the CBF governs multiple partnerships and agreements across America, including in Minnesota, California, and New York, its initial focus intensively supports identifying, training, and onboarding new hires at New Flyer’s Anniston, Alabama facility.

“TDC is a proud partner of New Flyer in expanding, strengthening, and diversifying its talent pipeline,” said Dwayne Sampson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of TDC. “As America’s biggest bus manufacturer, New Flyer has what it takes to advance and diligently work to ensure underserved and underrepresented individuals get the opportunity to find and keep their jobs and support their families. In Anniston, we are building a foundation that speaks to our shared democratic values that all deserve the opportunity to succeed because worker empowerment is what makes a 21st century business more resilient and competitive.”

“Since joining New Flyer in 2017, I’ve had a better quality of life: more time with my family, great pay, and training that’s helped me grow in my career,” said Tyisha Woods, an Assembler based in Anniston, Alabama. “Our team is like family – I’ve been supported through difficult times and everyone works hard to help each other. Through ongoing training and mentorship, I’ve been taught new skills, which I’ve passed forward in training new hires myself. Opportunity is there – it’s there every morning you walk through the doors – no matter your age, culture, or background. The opportunity to learn and succeed is always there, and I see myself advancing with New Flyer.”

“Our Community Benefits Framework has meaningfully charted a course to better benefits, greater diversity, and stronger communities, while integrating transparency and accountability to our approach and the commitments we make,” said Janice Harper, NFI’s executive vice president of Human Resources. “With New Flyer’s CBF leading the way, every person has an opportunity for employment, learning, advancement, and success.”

“Nothing compares to working here,” said Rashad Twyman, an Assembler also based in Anniston. “Working at New Flyer has made me a better man and has helped me grow, even when it comes to learning how to use a drill properly and what the torque value of a bolt means. I’ve been accommodated in times of need due to familial circumstances and feel that my team takes care of me, which all leads to exponential productivity and satisfaction on the job. Most importantly, I have a good balance in life. I am now paid enough to provide for my family and we can do activities together – I couldn’t do that before. I love this place and see myself retiring here.”

New Flyer’s CBF is available on the company’s website. To learn more or download a copy, visit www.newflyer.com/CBF. Unique local agreements will remain confidential with our community partners, and serve as appendices to the CBF.

Established in 2010, TDC is a nonprofit organization delivering world-class education and development programs that promote diversity in the transportation and construction industries. TDC has extensive experience in recruitment, training, and retention of employees in advanced manufacturing, and maintains a wide range of successful community-based partnerships across America.

For more information, visit tdc-ntl.org.

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