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ABQ Ride showcases new ART buses

Published by KRQE

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – On Thursday, city officials gave a demonstration of how the new ART buses will work. The idea was to drum up excitement for the bus system that’s seen delay after delay.

The long-awaited ART buses are one step closer to being up and running. Thursday, the city offered the public a chance to try out the seats, check out the new features, and try to hype the buses to the community.

Although there was a lone protester, most visitors enjoyed their time exploring.

“There’s a lot of curiosity about the ART buses, there’s a lot of people asking questions and wanting to see for themselves if it’s any different,” said Rick DeReyes with ABQ Ride.

The high tech ADA compliant devices were a popular feature on Thursday’s tour for people in wheelchairs. The city also demonstrated how to work the new ticketing stations.

City officials are still hoping the buses are in service sometime this winter. Right now, they’re still making training runs up and down Central.

Security officers will roam the buses to make sure riders don’t hop on through the middle doors without a ticket.

ABQ Ride travels an average 160,000 miles a day from its bus fleet.

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