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Local Alexandria Transit Co. tests “bus of the future”

Xcelsior CHARGE™ bus showcased at City Hall


ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The city of Alexandria’s transit company is testing a new vehicle they say could change the future of public transportation.

“This reflects our continued commitment to reduce our total carbon footprint by exploring, researching, and testing the latest and greatest fleet technologies,” said Josh Baker with DASH Transit Co.

They’re calling it the “Xcelsior Charge,” a zero-emission, all-electric bus that would help the city transition to more sustainable transportation.

The transit company, DASH, showcased the state of the art project on Thursday at Alexandria City Hall Market Square.

“One of the things I like about this is the improved accessibility for those in need, and it also provides a very smooth ride and holds up to 83 passengers,” Mayor Silberberg.

Customers in attendance were invited to ride the bus as a part of their regular commute free of charge. At the end they were asked to complete a survey about their experience after their ride.

“That’s just a world of change compared to continuing to use diesel technology that’s just not compatible with cities of the future,” said Praveen Kathpal

The bus can run up to 200 miles in a single charge. The charging time could vary from 30 minutes to an hour and a half.

The electric bus will operate as part of a regular dash revenue service through February 10th.

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