In December, 2004, St. Cloud Metro Bus added three new New Flyer 40-foot, low-floor diesel buses (D40LF's) to its fleet.  The buses were built at New Flyer's local manufacturing facility and are expected to be in service in January, 2005.  The buses are configured for increased capacity, featuring comfortable perimeter seating, wide aisles, and two doors for easy entrance and exit.

Dave Tripp, Executive Director at Metro Bus said, "We are very excited about adding the New Flyer buses to our fleet.  Capacity and delivery were key components in our decision to purchase these new buses."  Mr. Tripp added, "Furthermore, the fact that the buses are manufactured locally gives everybody at Metro Bus a sense of pride!"

The inspector for St. Cloud Metro Bus shares Mr. Tripp's sentiments.  In a letter to New Flyer personnel, Ken Goodall, who was responsible for inspecting the buses, writes, "You have shown that you put alot of pride into each of the buses you built.  As an inspector, I see all the things that go into the building of a fine product line New Flyer buses.  Issues came up, and like always, they were dealt with in a timely manner and the final product is a top-of-the-line product due to your fine workmanship.  Remember when you see one of your buses in the city, you should have pride that you built it."

As the industry leader in building heavy-duty buses for the North American transit industry, it was very important to New Flyer to build buses for the citizens of St. Cloud.  "Words alone cannot express the enthusiasm felt at the St. Cloud manufacturing facility," commented Paul Smith, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for New Flyer.  "We are extremely honored to have had the opportunity to build these buses and look forward to future bus builds."