Ahead in experience.

New Flyer Publications is an organization within the New Flyer Customer Services group – a division of New Flyer Industries. As a part of the leading manufacturer of heavy-duty transit buses in the United States and Canada, we have access to top design, engineering, propulsion technology and electrical systems professionals. This enables us to offer the service and expertise to maximize the lifetime value of your fleet.


Our highly-skilled publishing specialists use their many years of experience in bus systems and New Flyer’s design engineering source data to develop content. Editors perform strict quality checks through every step of the publishing process.Best-in-class weight with a 10% reduction compared to similar conventional configurations.


There is no such thing as a “standard” bus. Every manual we publish provides comprehensive information based specifically on your bus build, creating an efficient reference for your maintenance personnel.


Manuals are designed using feedback from
end users and publishing professionals. The
logical structure, comprehensive and relevant content, and easy-to-read details exceed all current transit industry standards (following very closely to military and ATA 100 specs). All New Flyer publications are produced in-house for maximum quality control.


We provide detailed breakdown information for serviceable components such as procedural information, preventative maintenance, illustrations, parts listings, exploded isometric line-art illustrations, and more. This includes original equipment that is not manufactured by New Flyer such as pumps, gear boxes, axles and air conditioning units. If we cannot include
OEM supplier information, we will have the OEM supply it directly to you.

Transit Information Viewer (TIV)

Every manual set includes a TIV of your
bus manuals on CD or DVD to enable
viewing or copying of your manuals on your computer network. A customized home page allows users to navigate easily using Adobe Reader.
Within the TIV, users can:
• Conduct high-speed searches for part numbers or text
• Enlarge illustrations to view smaller details
• View two pages at once in split-screen mode
• Print any page or range of pages Count on our experience for accurate, easy-to-follow, build-specific information that helps keep your fleet on the road and earning revenue.