Xcelsior® Electric Bus

Our electric bus, paving the way to a future of green public transportation.

New Flyer electrification development has been focused on the Xcelsior® platform, our highly successful next-generation transit bus. This technology lowers operational costs and reduces emissions while providing customers with a quiet and comfortable ride.

New Flyer has extensive experience with electric propulsion including hybrid, trolley and fuel-cell buses, supplying more electric buses to the North American industry in more configurations than any other transit bus manufacturer.

The electric bus is powered by energy stored in rechargeable batteries. Instead of an internal combustion engine, it’s propelled by an electric
  • The lithium ion batteries store up to 300 kWh of electricity and is monitored by a sophisticated battery management system.

  • The Siemens Electric Drive System converts three-phase alternating current (AC) power to drive the traction motor by using direct current (DC) power from the batteries. When braking, the motor acts as a generator to recover energy, just like in conventional hybrid vehicles.

Charging Options

The electric bus is connected to charging systems to recharge the batteries, either en-route or at a transit yard.

All-Electric Accessories

The air compressor and air conditioning compressors are electrically powered. DC power is converted to AC power and is supplied to each of these major systems separately. This allows each system to operate more reliably and efficiently, with minimum power consumption. The bus also as a converter to supply 24-volt DC power for power steering, interior fans, lights, and other accessories.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

An electrically-driven air conditioning system is used to cool the bus when needed. For moderately cold temperatures, the bus uses electric heating. For very cold conditions, an optional liquid fuel heater warms the passenger cabin using a small amount of renewable bio-diesel. This helps maintain bus range during very cold climate conditions.

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