"This is the bus that we were tracking for brake drag in New Flyer Connect earlier in the week. As indicated by New Flyer Connect it was an issue with the four PSI switch on the rear curbside axle. In this case, New Flyer Connect was able to save us many hours of diagnostic time in locating the root cause of this failure."

- Vinny Albino, Field Technical Service Specialist

New Flyer Connect®

The Cornerstone to Improving Lifecycle Costs

New Flyer Connect® is a powerful, patented combination of onboard telematics systems and support services that allow you to monitor your vehicles in real-time, for optimal management and operational efficiency.  We have leveraged our bus expertise and understanding of your needs to design a system which improves efficiency and reduces costs.

New Flyer Connect provides you with the tools you need to assess vehicle health, driver monitoring information, location, conditions and diagnostics; it improves safety and reduces accidents; it also reduces operating and maintenance costs by improving bus uptime, scheduling and warranty response.

New Flyer Connect is very simple, both to install and use. It provides in real time only the information you desire, eliminating the need for data mining. In addition, the system’s low cost is quickly offset by the savings in operating costs.

Quite simply, New Flyer Connect allows you to stay connected to the people, the equipment and the information most critical in ensuring an efficient and safe delivery of service - and since there is no IT infrastructure required, you can start immediately with our optional tailored monitoring services. It's a turn-key operation!

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NOV 8, 2015
San Francisco Examiner
Muni Mechanics at Crossroads Over Old, New Technology

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