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Since 1994, New Flyer has delivered approximately 3,800 CNG buses for revenue service in North America. We have more experience on the CNG bus technology than any other bus manufacturer in the industry.

Buying a CNG bus from New Flyer ensures that:

You are purchasing the most proven design and most reliable system available
Your new buses will have a CNG system that exceeds many of today’s standards as well as the competition
You are partnering with the manufacturer who has delivered the most CNG buses

Benefits of New Flyer CNG Buses

New Flyer brings almost two decades of expertise to the design and manufacture of CNG buses

Our CNG system is designed specifically for our buses and is not an off-the-shelf product
We are the only manufacturer to meet or exceed today's CNG standards and safety requirements
Designed for a 350-400 mile range
Our tanks are certified for 20-year service life
While not required by law, we include a fire suppression system