Better Product

New Flyer offers the industry’s broadest selection of heavy-duty transit vehicles, all of
which incorporate clean technologies.

New Flyer has produced 60’ articulated buses that move more people per MPG than a standard 40’ bus.
Hybrid-electric configurations in both diesel and gasoline get superior fuel mileage.
Alternative Natural Gas fuels burn much cleaner and reduce particulate matter when compared to diesel.
Specialized electric trolley and hydrogen-hybrid buses complete New Flyer’s product range and our many solutions to go green.

New Flyer has also improved components on its buses so that they are more sustainable.

Our newest model, Xcelsior®, is setting fuel economy records, therefore relying less on fossil fuels.
Many electric components are available, which further reduces fuel usage.
Our LED headlights, which are the first in the industry, are designed for a 12-year life, whereas traditional headlights require replacing often throughout each year.
Additionally, components such as disc brakes, fiberglass exterior panels, interior LED lights, and a single reduction axle all make the vehicles more sustainable as these components are more durable and easier to service and maintain.